Innovation365 twist normal to get innovation.

Today's innovation comes from Bob Nardelli is Watching.

What is innovative? What I found innovative was the approach to opening a new store. The Home Depot team took a traditional store opening event activity (cutting the ribbon) and turned it into a "board cutting" ceremony (a commemorative piece of lumber is sawed in half). Why is this innovative? It is an unexpected twist on a standard event and it uses material that is core to Home Depot! What better way to remember the event of a hardware and supply store than with a piece of lumber.

This could be taken further by cutting the board into smaller pieces and giving them away. In other industries, say John Dear tractors, the traditional ceremony of digging the first dirt could be changed to a John Dear tractor and plow coming through to turn the dirt.

This is a great example of taking standard (possibly boring?) things and twisting them a bit to create a distinct memory or a unique association.


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