Innovation365 An innovation and why it is innovative.

What is innovation?
  • Unique
  • Not obvious
  • Creative and useful
  • Able to be made in to a business
  • Potentially disruptive!
There are many views on what innovation means. Below is one example of the use of innovation as a word.

Now on to innovation and why:
Being able to watch any show when and where you want. Really cool is being able to pick up a DVD of the movie you just watched at the movie theater, as you walk out!

Why is this innovative?
It is disruptive! Many in the movie industry would see selling the DVD at the theater as killing their revenue. But this model allows for buzz and satisfies the craving of wanting to see a good movie again. Hey, the movie sucks, no amount of ad budget will increase viewers.

This also is a new way to take a traditional stream of income and translate it to a different stream.

What if the movie was released, at the same time, in the theater, on DVD, and on the web, all at different price points, providing different user experiences?

For more details see the Dec 2005 Fast Company article Maverick Mogul. There are also several other articles on the New New Hollywood at Fast Company.


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