PodDeaf: an innovative definition...(?)

Side track off the "what is innovation" quest.

I have been podlistening (pod catching) for about 8 months now. I have tuned out NPR and created my own radio station that is mostly talk oriented. A year ago I would have laughed at the thought of buying an iPod because, at the time, it was mainly a "music" device, and I am not a music person.

But along came podcasting and I am hooked. There are some hurdles still (where is my preference based station creator?) and there are hiccups (iTunes 4.9 slowed down the podcasters of the world for a few days). But over all I am an interested subscriber of several shows.

One phenomenon I have discovered is being PodDeaf. PodDeaf happens to those people who have their iPod volume just a bit higher than the out side noise such that anyone on the outside talking to you generates this action: first your sheepishly remove the ear piece, reluctantly turn down the volume, then look back at the person addressing you and say "What did you say?".


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