Innovation365 Starbucks and innovation

Today's innovation comes from Starbucks.

What is innovative? Translating the purchase of coffee into a place to go to read, relax, hang out, a destination unto itself.

Imaging 30 years ago saying to your wife or friends that you would meet them at a place for coffee with good seating, nice background music, always clean restrooms, and the coffee is made to your fondest desires.

What Starbucks has done is make coffee a side item to its main offering: the store is a destination. It is innovative because it gets you to think about more than just coffee. This allows for the marketing and selling of items like Starbucks only music CD specials. Want to try Cranium? Just buy it! Need that something extra gift? Pick up an ubber cool stainless steel thermos.

You may think you are going to Starbucks to get coffee but you really go because the brand of Starbucks is in your brain.

Think about this: BP (fka British Petroleum) is doing the same thing to its gas stations: Wild Bean Cafe. In their marketing they are trying to make the gas station more than a place to get gas and pick up snacks. They are trying to make it a destination.


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