Innovation365 Ant farms advanced

Today's innovation comes from AntWorks.

What is innovative? I have been an ant farm person for about 10 years. I buy the Uncle Milton's ant farms every year along with a tube or two of ants and watch them dig in the "dirt" (really light foaming grit). With the Uncle Milton's ant farms you have a water and feed schedule you need to follow. Too much water and you'll get a fungi farm competing with the ants for space. Too much food does the same thing.

This last year (2005) my wife bought me the AntWorks ant farm. What is innovative about this? Well the kit is prefilled with a special gel that contains the nutrients and water needs for the ants; no water/feed schedule needed! The kit being prefilled is a nicety as filling the Uncle Milton's farms does require poring the sand grit. The AntWorks farms is wider and deeper that standard Uncle Milton's farms. And the coolest part of all is that the tunnels in AntWorks are visible in all their 3D glory:)

Of course, innovation and product differentiation has its cost: AntWorks costs $19.95US and Uncle Milton's mini ant farm is about $14.00US. The supplies for Uncle Milton's adds a few dollars. And Uncle Milton's farms are reusable.

But AntWorks is cool! $5.00US more cool? At least once or twice.


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You can purchase the refillable gel, comes in powder form and you add water.