Ideas! I need ideas! What do I do with 800+ mouse balls?

Got your attention didn't I? Yes, I have about 800+ mouse balls. Not real mice balls but those balls in computer mice that roll and tell the computer where to point the cursor. I just have the balls, not the whole mouse.

Huh? Why do I have them? I started collecting them in 2005 as part of an experiment on tapping the wisdom of the crowds (see James Surowiecki book ref). I worked in an innovation disruption group at large company and wanted to demonstrate some of what Surowiecki talked about.

Over the course of 12 months I accumulated from the corporate salvage area these computer mice balls, 20 or so at a time. I used them in much the same way James Surowiecki did with jelly beans except with, uh, mice balls. The balls worked, I got the point across, and the experiment helped refine the discussion on tapping the crowds (for more info on this group see crowd sourcing interview).

So here I am with all these balls... And I need to give them a new life. This new life focus is being driven by the fact that I now have two sons needing space for their things. Priorities ... :)

I am looking for ideas. What should I do with them? What worthy cause would benefit from these mouse balls?

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So your kids need more space for their things? Maybe you can glue the balls together to create some small storage bins for their toys or clothes?

Or you can have some fun and hide some balls around your home, and have a scavenger hunt. Maybe give prizes to your family if they find a mouse ball!