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I have recently made an observation: Every on is interested in innovation, cool ideas, seeing tangible things occur because of "innovation". However, those same people are not taking the commitment steps required to make innovation happen.

Are these happening to you and your innovation efforts:
People attend initial innovation seminars and express great interest but can not be found when innovation work is requires (yes there is hard work !).
Weeks in advance Really Cool People (RCP) setup interesting gatherings to share ideas yet the day or two before the event people beg off due to "work".
Clients appear to seriously be interested in getting their employees immersed in the innovation world but when it comes time to hold activity sessions greater issues take precedence.

What actions are you taking to make the commitments?

Personally, I have taken the approach that if I am invited to an innovation event of value, with enough lead time, then I make the commitment to myself that I will attend. I will treat that meeting as if it is a paying customer meeting and show up.

Sure, issue crop up, time becomes an issue and somethings need to adjust. But if you believe innovation actions are important for your future (you, your company, your industry, etc.) then you must be serious and step up to take action.

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