This week quick hits on innovation

I am working on some "social networks" projects and "viral" like projects. I quoted these words because what I am really working on is getting people together around a specific idea/product and keeping them engaged over time. Some of what I am working on is old fashioned marketing and PR linked with newer tools to spread the word quicker and get some sense of how the word spreads.

Check out Forward Track & HBR Idea Cast podast w/ Duncan Watts about viral marketing.

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I don't know what type of "social network" you are attempting to form. I'm also attempting to create some sort of network of medical device service providers and professionals. Perhaps we could collaborate. I'm on the southside of Indy.

I am working on developing the social network, the ZippCast ( network, and the IU School of Informatics Alumni network. Each of these has an element of podcasting, basic marketing, and technology tools that help bring interested parties together.

Today I enjoyed an interesting tool that Gnomedex ( sent out to registered users that, at first, I thought was just a "market research" tool. Well, it is, but the immediate feedback it provided me was the map dispalyed after I filled in my info. The map allowed me to visually browse the attendees by interest, key words, or background.

The tool (Flash based software) enhanced my understanding of the group and got me thinking about the people I want to tag while I am there. This tool is helping build my social net for the conference, and beyond the conference.

Jon: I have open dates mid June (after Jun 15th), and would be interested in meeting to learn more about your activiteies. Send me a note to