Social networking technology gone wrong?

Facebook rejects me!

Quick note.

While at PodCamp NYC (Yes, I learned a lot at this podcamp:) I attended a session titled "Social Media Strategies: Ideas and success stories".

Here is what I took away:
  • The technology will not by itself solve your networking needs.
  • There is no magic bullet
  • One approach for a project may not even work for a similar project.
As I listened I heard the panel talk about their use of "social media". Why I went was to learn about the failures and what people learned from those failures. But the panel only talked about the successes.

One gentleman said "We used 9 or 10 different tactics and here are a couple that worked"... When I asked "Can you tell us about those that did not work?" he was reluctant to. Actually, he was either reluctant to or he had no good info to really share. Either way all we really got was anecdotal info on what did work and an admittance that those things that did work might not ever work on a similar project.

Another thing I learned is that people are looking to use technology to solve the hard problem of building a social network. The comment I made during the session is that building a social network really means a personal interaction created a link between two people. To build that social network with technology will only take you so far. I do not have a social interaction with companies, I have a social interaction with people.

What made me write this is my attempt to join facebook.... Simple registration process, they only ask for full name, what I am, email, password, birth date, and that I agree with terms.... I can't seem to register because my full name is not



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I looks like FaceBook should offer a "renaming" service as a secondary offering. I wonder how it would treat John Smith?