Guy Kawasaki at Gnomedex

If you have never heard Guy Kawasaki (blog at "evangelist" talk, here is audience capture audio from Gnomedex 2007 (MP3 audio link). Apparently others had already heard this talk word for word and was not as fun for them. But I enjoyed the presentation. It was entertaining and thoughtful. Some of his points about being an evangelist:

1. Make meaning
2. Make mantra
3. Roll the DICEE
  • Deep
  • Intelligent
  • Complete
  • Elegant
  • Emotive
4. Niche thyself
  • Showed 2 x 2 grid; ability to provide unique product or service by value to customer=> be in the upper right quadrant
5. Let a hundred flowers bloom
6. Make it personal
7. Find the true influencers
8. Enable a test drive
9. Look agnostic, not atheist
10. Provide a slippery slope
11. Don't let the bozos grind you down

Here is PDF of the presentation used by Guy.

Guy also used the phrase "Don't worry be crappy", told of his Yahoo story, and mentioned obtaining the presentation by sending email request to

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