Creating the community

OLPC News is tapping into tools to build a community and spread the word on all things OLPC. This is a great example of simple tools pulling together people to bring focus to a need, issue, or product.

Some of the tools include:
Other "tool" being used are really good old fashioned social skills. They talk about a poular topic that they are very interested in and leverage their personal network to get participation and news.

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G1G1, G2G2, coming soon

From OLPC HQ. Soon to arrive before X-mas a couple OLPC computers. I'll post what I discover late Dec.


Welcome to the OLPC community!

Thank you for being one of the first to participate
in Give One Get One.
All of us at One Laptop per Child were inspired by the number of people who joined our Give One Get One program on its very first day! Your participation makes you part of the growing community of people working to give children all over the world new opportunities to grow, explore, learn and express themselves.


If you want to follow the stories, read OLPC News.

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Quick fun intersting video on information old versus new

A group I meet with chatted about Everything is Miscellaneous by David Weinberger. Justin Keller, Marketing Manager of, sent out to the group these two YouTube video links.

Information R/evolution

The Machine is Us/ing Us

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Shelfari, quick example of Open Social use

I normally an not one to jump into new technology right away but in this case this is very relevant to what I am trying to do: build community in a very niche area. So I tested out one example of Google's Open Social framework, Shelfari. The app is basic, it allows me to find my favorite books and share those titles / covers through as many social network sites as I want.

Smartly, Shelfari also has a Facebook widget that taps into my Shelfari data. This means I do not have to use just Facebook to update my book list and my list, even when updated in Facebook, is shared out to the other social network sites I choose.

A good quick brief on Open Social and its implications can be heard on Chris Penn's and John Wall's Marketing Over Coffee podcast, episode from 8 Nov 2007.

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Random site of fun, Line Rider

Scott Lemon mentions on the podcast Technometria: Scratch and Squeak an interesting site called Line Rider. It is an interesting site that allows you to draw a line that, when played, turns into the road a bicycler takes.

You can create different types of roads for the biker and see what happens. It made me laugh a few times when the road ended and the biker went off the end, down down down :) Enjoy!

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