Innovation killer: fear

Fear is a real innovation killer. Fear that someone will say "no" to a project request. Fear that those in charge will find out about a skunk works activity and kill it... or worse, fire you! Fear to even consider working with another department on an idea because there might be an issue of going outside the "boundary" to do good work for the betterment of the company... Scratch that, how about for the betterment of the customer!

This type of fear breeds an environment where any initiative or recognition of opportunity is muted. Unfortunately, recognition of opportunities and initiative to explore them is what companies need the most.

Making fun of innovation

Found this amusing:) The apple analogy has many other off shoots; Rotten to the core, sour apple, apple of my eye, worms in the apple, Johnny Apple Seed (spreading innovation), Apple (the company), The apple (biblical). Any others you can think of?

Light web-e-tainment this fine April 1st day

Random findings of web-e-tainment.

First we have the Senses Challenge from the UK.

Then we have Flash magic, also from the UK.

And lastly, the Spy page, which shows the digging of stories as they occur.

Oh, I forgot the SodaPlay and the PicassOHead sites!

Innovation365 Building super computing power with reusable low cost computers

Today's innovation comes from The Super Palm Universal Computing Cluster (SPUCC).

What is innovative? By re-using low cost computers, social good and environmental good are being served simultaneously. The used Palm computers have avoided the land fill fate and the problems being addressed by the SPUCC are helping many families and not-for-profit institutions.

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