MicroTrends and trend spotting

This is one of those books I got via Audible.com. I listened to the whole book and a few items I found interesting. However, it is one of those books that repeats the formula of identifying a target trend and produces a bunch of statistics with stories that sometimes require deeper absorption. The repeating of the formula made some of the sections drone on a bit too much for me. Fortunately I was driving or running and could tune in or out as needed.

This is where the physical book comes in handy (the handy local public library helps ere!). With the book you can quickly scan/re-scan the stats on some area of interest.

This book is quickly becoming dated because many of the trends in the books are moving forward or passing away (there is a whole section on home buying pre-sub prime loan collapse...). However, I think the best value this book shows that one can learn about trends and understand how they can be used to modify their products, life style, or investments.

Update, I forgot to add, look at Springwise's newsletter of global trend spotters. This extends your ability to spot trends by tapping others spotting!


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