Service innovation opportunity! Customer service issue....

Today I had to mail some letters. The closest mail box to my house is pretty close but I hate going to it... Why? Because I have to park, get out of my car, walk in an area where cars may go without watching for people, plop in the mail and then get back to the car.

Why is this a service innovation opportunity? Look where the mail box is!!!! Somebody decided the mail box should be on the opposite side of the road, where the driver has no legal way to pull up to the box to drop in mail. How was this location picked? It would be much better on the other side, next to the parking.

Does this qualify as an innovation or just trying to improve a bad customer service moment?

It has been pointed out to me that no matter where you place a mail box (in the United States at least) there is no good way for the driver of a left hand drive car to place a piece of mail in the box execpt on one way streets; the box can be on the left side of the street and the driver can pull right up.


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Maybe post offices could take an approach similar to drive-up ATMs at banks? Another model is drive-up book returns at libraries (at least the one at the public library in Bloomington, IN).
In other words, they could create a short one-way looping driveway, that cuts across the corner for example.