Live at Front End of Innovation

Today the whole InnovationCreation team will be in Boston for the Front End of Innovation to promote the Innovation Igniter product. Early registration and check in is Sunday evening.

Since most of Sunday was free, I took some time to check out some sights. Fenway Park is just down proverbial street (got to take the subway a couple of stops or walk about 15 minutes.... I chose to walk). I also took in some good weather and sunshine.

During the walking I thought about how businesses get started. An analogy I thought about was trying to find a place you have never been. I needed to get some equipment so I Googled the nearest Best Buy. I had a paper Google map of the area I was staying (the Boston Hosteling International) so off I went. Even though I had a good enough map, had the address of Best Buy, and I was keeping a look out for sign posts, I still turned the wrong way and did not notice until I saw the building numbers going down instead of up. A change in direction and I was at Best Buy in a few minutes.

When you start a business, you are trying to get to a place you may have never gone before. You have some maps (business plan, advice, previous experience, etc), and you are keeping an eye out for sign posts. But even then you may get "turned around". In this analogy, the act of getting turned around in starting a business is not necessarily bad. But it is important to recogognize that you have gotten turned around and decide if "going the other way" or not is a good course of action.

I will capture some pics and get them uploaded ASAP. I expect to talk with some interesting people Monday and Tuesday so I will attempt to capture some audio as well. Lastly, I plan to chat with John Wall of The M Show.


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