Business Week issue on Innovation

Business Week issue on Innovation October 11, 2004

There is lots of material in this issue on innovation! Steven Jobs of Apple has a great response to the question "How do you systematize innovation?"..."You don't. You hire good people who will challenge each other every day to make the best products possible. That's why you don't see any big posters on the walls around here, stating our mission statement. Our corporate culture is simple."

There are also several articles where 'innovation' is being associated to nanotechnology, transformational technologies, and brains+patents.

So innovation = brains, patents, and technology?

This is an idea I believe is innovative: the securitization or mutual-fund-izing of art as an idea to share the risk of creating art and making money on it. 250 young New York artists, chosen by an expert panel, pool some of their works in the Artist Pension Trust, which (ideally) would produce income over the course of 20 years or so. What makes this 'innovative' (to me) is re-applying a common idea (mutal funds) to an area not normally considered (art). The article is part of a photo essay, see photo titled "Risk A Scheme for Starving Artists to Hatch a Nourishing Nest Egg"


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