The great white north has a vision on innovation?

What is innovation?

What is innovation? Great White North has an answer.

Western Canada has a straight forward definition of innovation. But it is the same stuff all the other web sites, experts, books, and articles state. It also mentions the things that one needs to have to have innovation flourish: closeness to universities, access to early stage capital, access to ready workforce, support firms, etc.

So why do some companies, areas, or people have more radical, breakthrough, faster, better, cheaper products? What is that missing "thing"?

If the missing "thing" is not identifiable directly, can there be an innov-marker (play on word biomarker) or innov-signal (biosignal) that can provide a direction toward "innovation"? Or, what would it take to put in place the environment that will increase the innov-marker/innov-signal?


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