Innovation in real life

Seeking innovation. Is it one of those things that when you see it you know that is it? Sounds like the definition that some people use about porn, bad societal behavior, bad movies, etc. :)

I have heard people define innovation as taking an idea and actually getting that idea implemented. Other define innovation as doing something new or unusual. Some have suggested innovation is seeing/recognizing the patterns, putting them together, and taking advantage of them.

The use of the word "innovation" is invoked by people in speeches but rarely do the people say what was "innovative".

Innovation reminds me of the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in the late 1980's. Everything that was cool was labeled AI. Hypertext systems were AI, high-end workstations were AI, AI was everywhere! Then there was the disillusionment of AI (the AI bubble burst) and things that were AI went covert. Companies went out of their way not to mention AI in their products. People had burned out on the term so the rest of us did not want to be associated with AI. (Editors note: AI is very prominent now in may applications; we just don't know it because the marketing types don't hype AI, instead use terms like "intelligent", "smart", and "software agents").

There is a desire to use the word innovation to sound better than things really are. So what is "true innovation"?

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