Get this wallet if you want some conversation!

I wrote about the Tyvek Wallet from Dynomighty Design Inc in early February and mentioned I received lots of questions and complements:
  • "Is that a wallet?"
  • "Wow, that is a cool wallet!"
  • "Tyvek??? What's that?"
  • "Is that an envelope?"
  • "That is a pretty neat wallet, where did you get that?"
I still get questions and comments about it. Just this morning the Hubbard & Cravens barista asked me what my wallet was made of. I told her about the wallet, how I got it, who made it, and where she could get one. So in one conversation I mentioned Dynomighty Design, Tyvek, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, and my family. So one product elicited a connection multiple interests and levels, to me of course. When was the last time you got that from your wallet?

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I have one of those "magic wallets" that you open up, put your money in, close, then open on the opposite side, and your money is "magically" embraced by elastic bands. I think it's quite an old design (I had one as a kid), but in the past 5 years they've been popping up more and more. I get a lot of comments on it, and it's nice and thin, but I'll definitely check out the letter wallet, too!